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Are conversations a thing of the past?

With the ever-growing digitization, the abbreviated exchanges in texts, the lack of human interaction with remote work, more than ever, we need to rediscover the art of conversing.

In all their forms, conversations happen around us all the time, at home and work. They allow us to connect, share information, spark new ideas. Conversations challenge us; they help us grow. We agree that not all conversations are the same, though; the meaningful ones can leave a lasting impact on all parties.

Let us remember these pointers to elevate our upcoming conversations:

Be here now. Whether the conversation lasts 5 min or 2 hours, let us be fully present and avoid distractions. The exchange will enter a deeper level.

Simplicity wins. Keeping the language simple and concise increases the accuracy and time it takes the recipient to process the information.

Stay authentic and curious. Being open and honest allows mutual respect even when we are not in agreement.

Silence is welcome. Exchanges are more than words; they are the space, the presence, the smiles, and yes, the occasional silence, even if it makes us uncomfortable at times.

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